Manassas Volleyball Club girl's volleyball in Manassas, VA was formed in 2015 by Glen Martin, a high school volleyball coach who wanted to share his love of the game with young athletes who share his same passion for volleyball. 

The first season of club volleyball was phenomenal. We had two exceptional teams made up of some of the best volleyball players from local area high schools in the Manassas, Virginia area. Manassas Volleyball Club is very proud of the fantastic job these girls did throughout our premiere season.

Our second season saw tremendous growth with the addition of two more teams and additional coaching staff. We look forward to future seasons and what they hold for Manassas Volleyball Club.


Manassas Volleyball Club Girls Volleyball in Manassas Virginia

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how manassas volleyball club girl's volleyball got its start

manassas volleyball club's first win!!

​​​​​​​​​Manassas Volleyball Club

"It isn't the hours you put in, but what you put in the hours."

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Manassas Volleyball Club's 2016 season was outstanding. MVC 16-1s Heat and 17s Shockwave won the first two medals in Manassas Volleyball Club history- both teams taking Silver at MVSA in the same tournament weekend. Our girls played exceptionally well during the tournament, utilizing everything they had learned throughout the entire season,  and their hard work and dedication showed in every set.

  • ​Respect yourself and others
  • Be responsible for your actions
  • Be loyal
  • Master the art of communication
  • Make hard work your passion
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Put the team before yourself
  • Keep a winning attitude
  • Handle success with grace and failure with pride in your effort


When you're looking for a volleyball club for your child, we know there are plenty of places out there for you to choose from; everything from grassroots to Junior Olympic training. We also know how important it is for the club you choose to understand your athletes' goals and the club's ability to help your child fulfill her ultimate potential both on and off the court.
Manassas Volleyball Club believes in the long term development of an athlete's technique, tactics, and mental approach to the sport of volleyball and volleyball training; and our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the thrill on an athlete's face when she has mastered a new skill. Whether you're grooming a college recruit, trying out for the high school volleyball team, or your child is just playing for fun - Manassas Volleyball Club in Manassas, VA is the right club for your star volleyball player!