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Skill clinics are coming soon please keep looking at the website for updates

The club will be looking at doing some skill clinics either during the day or on the weekends  soon.  If you have question please let us know at :

NEW update :

On Monday the 15 age group practice from 6to8  On Tuesday the 16 age  group will be from 5to7. On Wednesdays the  17/18 age group practice will be from 8 to10  and on Thursday the 12/13/14 age group practice will be from 7 to 9 the cost is $5 an hour

High School Age open gym from 7 to 9

please sign up on the link so that we know if we will be able to have the open gym for this group

Middle Schoool Age open gym

please sign up on the link so that we know if we will be able to have the open gym for this group



Max number of players will be 20 in the gym at a time. 


7 to 9 pm  High school age group please see the link above 


THE COST WILL BE $5.00 per hour 





The club maybe looking to add other times and days soon 







Now that we are in Phase 3 of the state opening. We are going to start to get back to work  in the gym. There will be guidelines to follow before you can get into the gym. 

VA Recommendations:

* Stay at home for vulnerable populations

* No social gatherings of more than 50 poeple

*Continue social distancing 

*Continue teleworking 

* Face covering is required indoors with exceptions for exercise,eating,and health issues

*Further easing of business limitations

MVBC Policies & Guidelines for Participants

The Club  ask that you make sure that your participants are healthy and that if they are not feeling well, they need to stay at home.  

The Club will be checking  each participant's temperatures  before they will be allowed into the gym. Any player with a temp of over 100.4 will be sent home. While players are waiting to enter the building, they will have to still  practice social distancing and have there mask on. Participants should bring their  own hand sanitizer and water. They will not have to wear the mask as long as they are on the court.  Parents are not permitted inside the gym. The club ask that you drop them off and stay in your car or leave and come back to pick them up 15 mins before the session ends.   When the session is over the participants will need to put their mask  on  while they are changing  shoe etc.   Continued  social distancing is required after play is done ( no congregating after practice/workout)  and  hand sanitizer is a requirement before  they leave the gym. No player will be allowed to participate without meeting all these requirements.  

 There will be no water at the gym each player will have to bring their own water. 

The gym and all equipment will be sanitized thoroughly after ever session. 


Manassas Volleyball Club  Staff

Manassas Volleyball Club Update COVID 19

The Club has been in direct contact with the Virginia Department of Health regarding the situation and they have confirmed that no one within the Manassas Volleyball Club nor the tournament we attended is at any risk whatsoever of being infected any more than the regular general public due to them not having any direct contact with the father. They stated there is no reason to shut down regular activities at this time. they also stated that just because the athlete may have had contact with him that it does NOT mean that she will automatically contract the virus. They advised we clean and disinfect as we already had. Should you desire more information you can contact them directly at 703-792-7300, press 0 for the operator ,and request  to speak with the nurse regarding the situation. 

The family involved was extremely proactive in immediately seeking the appropriate  medical attention to ensure the illness was contained at its earliest onset to protect the safety and well being of everyone. 

We ask that you note that the athlete is NOT infected nor showing any signs or symptoms of illness. To ensure the athlete does not develop symptoms and potentially pass them along, the Dept. of Health has directed them to be quarantined for 14 days this way in the event they do become ill there is no way for them to infect anyone else as they will have been isolated at the time of potential illness. 



Thank you,

Manassas Volleyball Club

2019- 2020 CHRVA Referee Certification Process

All players are to take the certification and make sure it is done before the end of December.

Manassas Volleyball Club Spirit wear store

here is the new store items Please check it out. Thanks Management

Welcome to Manassas Volleyball Club!

At Manassas Volleyball Club our mission is to:

  • Instill a love for the game in all athletes
  • Teach teamwork and cooperation
  • Improve volleyball skills and athletic ability
  • Develop competitive‚Äč players who strive to achieve both personal and team goals.


We are committed to providing a positive environment for our players to reach their greatest potential. Along with athletic skills, we emphasize ethics and positive values, instilling self confidence and success in our players both on and off the court. We strive to provide a solid foundation of fundamental and technical skills which help our players develop, not only as athletes, but also as individuals. 


At Manassas Volleyball Club we provide our athletes with the technical, strategic, physical and mental training needed to realize their goals. They learn teamwork, self-discipline, goal setting, personal responsibility, and the excitement of individual and team achievements.

News and Upcoming Events

  • Update:
  • Summer clinics and camps will be added to our website soon
  • The club is looking to have a summer league as well. If you are  interested to please email us with your information.  Looking to have teams at different grade levels.


  • Manassas Volleyball Club is still looking to add to our staff please contact us at the below email.address


  • contact: Glen Martin at with questions.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all clinics and tryouts take place at Manassas Volleyball Club located:

In Manassas


Club Practice Times

Mondays & Wednesday

17s   5:30 pm to 7 pm

15-1s  7pm to 8:30 pm 


Tuesday & Thursday 

15s       5pm to 7pm

16s        7pm to 8:30 pm 

18s        8:30pm to 10pm



chrva membership and other information

here is where you will find the information


Glen Martin

Manassas Volleyball Club

Phone: 703-895-8284