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Coaching Staff update

Manassas Volleyball Club is still looking to add to our staff please contact



Tryout Dates for 12U & 13U

Please make sure you have all the registration paperwork do before you come to tryouts.

11-1-19  7pm to 8:30pm  for 12u/13u makeup and call backs are      11-2-19  10am to 12pm 


Tryout Dates for 14U, 15U , 16U. 17U, & 18U


Please make sure you get all the registration paperwork filled out before you come to tryouts.

14U  is on 11-8-19 from 7pm to 9pm

15U  is on 11-9-19 from 9am to 10:30am

16U is on 11-9-19 from 11am to 12:30pm

17U is on 11-9-19 from 1pm to 2:30pm 

18U is on 11-9-19 from 3pm to 4:30pm 

Call backs and makeups will be Sunday 11-10-19 from 1pm to 3pm

2019 Season Highlights

  • MVC 15-1 Unblockables won the Sapphire Bracket Silver Medal in the 2019 East Coast Championships in Pittsburgh on May 27th
  • MVC 15 Renegades won the Ruby Bracket Gold Medal in the 2019 East Coast Championships in Pittsburgh on May 27th
  • MVC 15-1 Unblockables won the Silver Bracket of the MD Jr’s 15s Mixed Tournament on May 11th
  • MVC 16 Wildcats ​won the 2019 MVSA Capital Festival 16u Consolation Bracket on May 5th
  • MVC 18 Shockwave won the Silver Medal in the MVSA 18s Invitational on May 4th
  • MVV 15-1 Unblockables won the Flight 5 Gold Medal in the CHRVA 15s Regionals on April 7th
  • MVC 15 Renegades won the Flight 2b Silver Medal in the CHRVA 15s Regionals on April 7th
  • MVC 15 Renegades WON​ the MVSA 15's Club Tournament on March 23rd
  • MVC 16 Wildcats won the Silver Bracket Gold Medal in the MVSA 16's Open/Club Tournament on March 16th
  • MVC 13 Electric won the Silver Bracket Gold Medal in the MVSA 13's Invitational on March 9th
  • MVC 15 Renegades won the Copper Bracket of the No Panic 16/15 Sweet Sixteen on March 2nd
  • MVC 15 Renegades won the Bronze Bracket of the NVVA's 15/16's Cupid's Tournament on February 2nd
  • ​MVC 17 Blaze won the Silver Bracket of the MDJRS 17/18 Mixed Tournament on January 5th

Manassas Volleyball


At Manassas Volleyball Club our mission is to:

  • Instill a love for the game in all athletes
  • Teach teamwork and cooperation
  • Improve volleyball skills and athletic ability
  • Develop competitive​ players who strive to achieve both personal and team goals


We are committed to providing a positive environment for our players to reach their greatest potential. Along with athletic skills, we emphasize ethics and positive values, instilling self confidence and success in our players both on and off the court. We strive to provide a solid foundation of fundamental and technical skills which help our players develop, not only as athletes, but also as individuals. 


At Manassas Volleyball Club we provide our athletes with the technical, strategic, physical and mental training needed to realize their goals. They learn teamwork, self-discipline, goal setting, personal responsibility, and the excitement of individual and team achievements.


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Phone: 555-555-5555